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Stacy Christie

VP Membership
Business Development Director - Korn Ferry

Stacy Christie joined FEI in the summer of 2022 to stay abreast of current business issues, connect with business leaders, and better understand Kansas City’s business market after moving back to Kansas City.

Over her lengthy career, she has had a diverse background, including being an Audit Manager with PricewaterhouseCoopers, starting her own full-service consulting business to support small businesses and not-for-profits, and working for Johnson County Parks & Recreation District.

When asked how an accounting degree has impacted her life, she said, “My accounting background has allowed me to develop a broad understanding of business; I appreciate that numbers can help tell a story and the importance of making connections and developing strong relationships.”

Stacy is currently a Business Development Director with Korn Ferry’s Interim Practice, which aims to build relationships and make connections to meet companies’ interim financial and accounting needs while supporting the aspirations of its consultants.  This role allows her to utilize her accounting background but follow her passion for connecting people.

In addition to work and FEI, Stacy volunteers as a USA Swimming Official and General Chair of Missouri Valley Local Swimming Committee, having been a former colligate athlete at the University of Iowa.

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