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Joining Financial Executives International offers unique professional and personal opportunities – locally and globally for financial leaders who qualify.


FEI Kansas City brings financial executives together for monthly networking, high-quality programs and discussion of vital issues. A robust offering of professional development seminars tackles current topics and provides CPE credits. In KC, your professional relationships are critical to your success; we include time for it in every FEI event. FEI Kansas City also provides career services, supports area universities in honoring top finance and accounting students, and joins in other finance-related programs.

Global Value

More than 10,000 members in 75 FEI chapters across the United States and Japan benefit from best-practice resources from the Financial Executives Research Foundation (FERF), webcasts, conferences, CPE credit programs and advocacy on policy issues of interest to.

Who Can Join?

FEI membership is exclusive to financial executives. To provide a true network of peers with common interests and challenges, FEI is not open to service providers or start-ups. Qualifications for executive membership focus on job duties and company size:

  • Job duties such as CFO, CAO, Controller, Treasurer, Vice President of Finance/Taxes/Risk Management/Planning and Analysis, Director in those functions, or Audit Committee member (click here for a more complete list)
  • Company size of at least $10 million in annual revenues or certain thresholds for net worth/capital/operating expenses; for financial institutions, at least $200 million in total assets; for government authorities, $40 million (click here for more details)


FEI membership dues are $399 for first year and $499 for subsequent years for all categories of membership. FEI Kansas City members attend chapter meetings and professional development events at no charge. With active participation in the KC chapter alone, a member can earn 15 or more CPE credits for no additional cost.

Membership Resources

To download more information on membership, please download the documents on this page and then provide your name and email address so that we’re aware of your interest.

FEI Membership Costs

  • $399 Year 1
  • $499 Subsequent Years

Membership Resources

FEI Kansas City Membership Brochure

FEI Global Membership Application

FEI Membership Qualifications

Want to learn more or to submit your membership application? Contact Linda Sinnett, VP of Membership.

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