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5 Ways to Support Good Causes

5 Ways To Support Good Causes

“More than one billion children are living in poverty around the world … The worst aspects of poverty come from a loss of hope – and we have a chance to change their story,” Susana Eshleman, a former Hallmark executive who is now CEO of Children International, told members and guests at the chapter’s FEI Giving Back event on October 12. The Kansas City-based charity provides medical and dental care, nutrition, education, job readiness training – and hope – to more than 300,000 children in 10 countries. Children International’s goal is to reach 1 million.

How can executives support a good cause? Ms. Eshleman cited five ways:

  1. Sign up personally to sponsor a child or provide financial support
  2. Volunteer your time or expertise
  3. Offer a platform for a charity to present its story to employees
  4. Provide direct company support or sponsor a company-wide event
  5. Enlist aid from foundations or trusts tied to the company or executives
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