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Christmas Begins October 26th!

Jim Shay, CFO of Hallmark Cards spoke at FEI Kansas City?s October 15th meeting.

Jim said that Hallmark brands are all about the seasons and Christmas begins October 26th, on the Hallmark channel.

He shared how Hallmark began in 1910 when 18-year-old Joyce C. Hallmark stepped off a train in Kansas City with two boxes of postcards to sell. 108 years later finds Hallmark a company of multiple trusted brands including Crayola and the Hallmark Channel.

Innovating and evolving to meet customer demands has been the key to the company staying relevant. One of the earliest examples is when Hallmark recognized customers wanted more privacy than a postcard offered and began selling cards with envelopes. That innovative approach brought us gift wrap as well as the way greeting cards are displayed in stores. In the 1970s Hallmark introduced Keepsake Ornaments changing Christmas decorations into collectibles. In more recent years, Hallmark has built a group of cable channels offering Hallmark movies and family programing. Continuing to innovate, Hallmark recently added a streaming service bringing the popular movies and programs to the on-demand market.

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