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Keith Johnson
Executive VP of Distribution
(913) 485-4371

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About The Insurance Partners

The Insurance Partners is a wholesale executive benefits advisory firm that serves insurance and retirement consulting firms nationwide by identifying deficiencies in coverage, providing innovative plan design solutions, and end-to-end administrative support.

Headquartered in Kansas City and operating nationwide, our decades of industry experience, white-glove service, and ability to source the best plans in the market help to mitigate the risks threatening the success and growth of companies, while providing peace of mind and a better quality of life for key employees and their families. We are proud to provide an unparalleled commitment and expertise for our clients, companies and key employees across all size and sector.

Providing comprehensive solutions, which ensure every individual has the coverage they need is imperative to the success of your clients’ business.

Key employees in most companies are under-protected in the event of death, disability, and retirement. This is a huge problem for the key employee and their family, and likely a huge problem for the company. A well-constructed executive benefit program can help employers address one of their biggest challenges: attracting and retaining key employees.

Safeguard Your Success.

Comprehensive Solutions:


−  Supplemental Disability & Life Coverage
− Guarantee Standard Issue
− High-Limit Income Protection Plan


− Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans
− 162 Bonus Plans
− Key Person Coverages
− Split-Dollar Plans


− Business Valuations
− Buy-Sell Funding Strategies
− ESOP Repurchase Liabilities
− Executive Benefit Plan Review

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