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The first FEI guest speaker event for the 2019-2020 year was a Touchdown!

Thank you Jeff Long, University of Kansas Athletic Director, for sharing with the approximately 90 attendees some interesting tidbits about the University of Kansas Athletic Department.  In an interview facilitated by Jim Wadella, Jeff shared among other things that:

  • The KU Athletic Department is established as a separate organization than the University as a 501(c)(3) managing a $106 million budget.
  • Approx. 50% of the budget is funded by Donors/Ticket Sales/Concessions.
  • Approx. 35% (or $37.5mill) is funded by Big 12 Conference revenues that are then divided proportionately to the Big 12 schools.
  • Of the $37.5mill, approx. $35mill is from Big 12 Football program.
  • Diversity of the KU Athletic Department should align with the diversity of the student enrollment which is currently approx. 51% Women to 49% Men.
  • When asked what improvements he plans to propose to Memorial Stadium, Jeff answered that before focusing on Memorial Stadium improvements, the focus is on improving the football program.
  • KU fans can see behind the scenes action, including how the coaching team is working with the athletes, on ESPN on Thursday nights.

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