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Condoleezza Rice on leadership

FEI Kansas City sponsored a table for members and guests to hear former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice discuss global relationships, the economy, sports, academia and leadership on March 4 at a luncheon in the Rockhurst University Leadership Series.

Dr. Rice, now a professor of political science at Stanford University, spoke of her own extraordinary rise through the academic ranks in Russian Studies, a field dominated at the time by older white men, to the highest levels of strategic and political leadership. She said her family passed on to her the qualities perseverance, will to succeed and placing a high value on education. And she praised those who served as her mentors along the way.

?Leadership is having a vision and all that ? that?s obviously very important,? Dr. Rice said. ?But leadership is also being able to recognize the leadership qualities in others and to help them develop those skills.?

Among the FEI members attending: Stacey Fink of YRC Worldwide, Bryan Griffin of Overland Solutions, David Houchen of Children International, Pat Meikel of Knit-Rite, Dave Petet of Ultrax Aerospace, Linda Sinnett of Design Resources,?and?Bob Wright of Citizens Bank & Trust.

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